We're focused on identifying ways we can make meaningful change in access and inclusion while improving the experience of participation in clinical trials.

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Our Commitment

Circuit is committed to transforming the experience of finding, choosing, and participating in clinical research—for physicians as well as their patients. To accomplish this, we work with providers and patients across the US to introduce clinical trials in community healthcare settings and through approaches that ease the burden of participation. Patients can discuss clinical trials with their primary or specialty care doctors in these settings to make care decisions together. Traditional clinical research enrollment has occurred in academic research centers in larger cities.

This approach has led to an unvarying enrollment pool found in those areas and a need for more diverse representation in research. Community-based research opens the gateway to underrepresented patients that have not had the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

Our History

Circuit Clinical founded by Irfan Khan, MD

The first physicians are added to our Site Partnership Network along with our first clinical project executed within the network

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Bob Place

Chief Technology Officer
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Susanne Oltz

Chief Financial Officer
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Irfan Khan, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Transforming the clinical trials landscape for patients, researchers, and doctors.

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