Providing clinical research as a care option has never been easier.

Research offers excellent value to you and your patients, and with your help, we can improve access and treatments for generations to come.

Clinical trials are often limited to academic institutions and are not inclusive of all demographics, or accessible for many. Most patients are already aware of clinical research and want to know about new care options.

The approach is simple: When we work together, we can be the catalysts that help solve one of our healthcare ecosystem's greatest challenges.

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How It Works


We provide Circuit Clinical staff and training for your practice to assist begin conducting clinical research.


We arrange all equipment, recruitment support, and study visits while guiding you through the process.


We leverage relationships with pharmaceutical companies to access a wide range of studies.


Our research experts run queries on your EMR data to match studies with your patients.

You oversee your patients – we'll take care of the rest.

Clinical research benefits both
physicians and patients.

Value to patients

With clinical research participation, patients may:

  • Receive innovative, cost-free medical care in studies with compensation for time and travel
  • Explore research options that fit their needs
  • Directly contribution to advancing medical innovations

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Value to physicians

By conducting clinical research, physicians can:

  • Provide opportunities for your patients to take ownership of their healthcare
  • Receive additional revenue opportunities
  • Gain CME credits to further their medical educations
  • Elevate their personal reputation through thought leadership and publications

Doctor listening to a man's chest with a stethoscope

Let's talk about how our clinical research program can create value for you and your patients

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