Conducting Research

How do you personalize medicine? By bringing studies to the physicians that patients know and trust: their own doctor.

Founded by a practicing physician frustrated by the inefficiency and lack of respect for patients, nurses and doctors in the prevailing clinical study system, Circuit Clinical™ streamlines the process while removing cost for physicians in order to bring new medical solutions to patients.

We are building the largest practice-based clinical research Site Network with direct HIPAA/FDA-compliant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) query. This means accurate, efficient patient enrollment and recruitment at scale, as well as improved retention through to completion at any phase. Circuit Clinical™ provides our Sponsors with access to a vast new Network of research naive providers—and their two million patients.

Identify, Engage, Enroll, Retain, Understand.
That’s the Circuit.

Continuously Running

Circuit Clinical™ offers complete integration of patient messaging and recruitment, clinical research and data management, as well as real-world feasibility analysis that can be converted to direct enrollment opportunities.

  • Our Sponsor and CRO partners provide our Network with clinical studies.
  • Our Principal Investigators (PIs)—our patients’ most trusted source of health information—are engaged to conduct the studies.
  • Active Screeners search our Network EMRs to identify the right patients.
  • Our Research Coordinators in the physician’s office educate and enroll participants.
  • Participants take ownership of their health with our engagement software and provide quality performance analytics.
  • CURRENT™, our eSource and eConsent software, simplifies risk-based monitoring.

The Circuit Generates Value

For Our Clinical Partners

  • Better Care Opportunities for Patients
  • New Revenue Streams at No Cost
  • Conduct Studies Aligned with Your Interests
  • Reputation and Brand Building
  • HIPAA Risk Management
  • Paperless Data Management and Security
  • Equipment and Training Resources
  • On-site Coordination Saves Physician Time

For Our Sponsors and Cros

  • Faster, Higher Quality EMR-based
    Enrollments at Scale
  • Direct Access to New Provider Networks
  • Real-time, Remote-access to Source Data = Oversight and Security
  • A Single CRA Monitoring Multiple Sites Remotely
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Real-world Feasibility Analysis Leading
    to Direct Enrollment
  • Integrated Patient Messaging, Clinical Research and Data Management
  • Speed to Market

Circuit Clinical™ Directs Your
Studies to the Ideal Patients

Circuit Clinical™

The Problem:

  • 50% of studies fail to reach adequate enrollments.
  • 25% of participants who enroll eventually dropout.
  • Slow enrollment and participant dropout costs tens of millions of dollars and delays new therapies.

Our Approach:

  • Active Screeners search our Network’s EMR to ID the right patients.
  • Laser-focused messaging targets patients with their most trusted source—their physician—recommending studies.
  • CURRENT™, our paperless eSource and eConsent software, simplifies enrollment.
  • Circuit Clinical™ provides equipment as needed as well as staff for on-site study coordination.
  • FDA-compliant Fair Market Value (FMV) compensation for provider participation.
  • Encrypted client analytics are digitally stored and can be remotely monitored in real time.

Enter the Circuit.

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