Nov 23, 2020

Circuit Clinical Partners with IZ Medical, LLC. to Assist in Offering Clinical Research as a Care Option to Patients

Circuit Clinical®, a network of physicians and clinical research professionals devoted to bringing clinical research as a care option to everyone and IZ Medical, a family medicine clinic offering high-quality treatments to patients of all ages, announced a partnership today that will allow IZ Medical's patient population to participate in clinical research as a care option.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with them to offer clinical trial solutions for their patients," said Dr. Irfan Khan, CEO, Circuit Clinical®. "This partnership will bring clinical research as a care option to thousands of patients within their care. With the help of IZ Medical, these trials will be offered to many patients new to research and will ultimately ensure the rapid development of innovative medicines."

IZ Medical and Circuit Clinical's partnership will allow physicians to offer clinical research to patients at no cost to them. The partnership continues the national expansion of Circuit Clinical®, which is headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

"With patient care as a top priority, we are thrilled to be able to expand into clinical research," said Dr. Iyad Baker, CEO, IZ Medical. "Partnering with Circuit Clinical® will allow our patients to access evidence-based clinical research as a care option for any range of conditions. IZ Medical has been at the forefront of patient care by designing our office to empower patient care and comfort. With the added service of clinical trials, IZ Medical will now be at the forefront of medical breakthroughs."

IZ Medical, LLC is a comprehensive family medicine practice based in Moonachie, New Jersey, and services patients of all ages. IZ Medical, under the development of Dr. Iyad Baker, MD, is credited with offering outstanding care to patients of all ages, genders, and conditions in a setting featuring design elements that comfort patients and empower healthcare. This innovative setting also results in stronger patient-physician relationships.

For more information, visit IZ Medical's TrialScout Profile.

Patients can learn more about clinical trials at IZ Medical and the experience of participating in clinical research by visiting - the first-ever ratings & reviews platform for clinical trials. Through this partnership, IZ Medical gained premium access to Circuit Clinical®'s award-winning TrialScout platform, including a branded profile page, first-in-search placement, patient engagement reporting, and a real-time feedback loop for patient retention.

About Circuit Clinical®

Circuit Clinical®, one of the largest integrated research organizations in the USA, is dedicated to empowering patients to choose clinical research as a care option. Born from the experiences of a physician conducting clinical trials in private practice, Circuit Clinical® is committed to transforming the way physicians and their patients find, choose, and participate in clinical research. Circuit Clinical® delivers turnkey clinical research services and an award-winning patient engagement platform,

About IZ Medical, LLC

IZ Medical LLC., founded in July 2020 amid the chaos of the pandemic, serves as the premiere source of quality medical care in New Jersey. Drawing from a decade of service and a lifetime of experience, CEO Dr. Iyad Baker M.D. FAAP, is impassioned to drive healthcare back to the roots of patient and health centered medical care. IZ Medical delivers accessibility, evidence based medical care, intertwined with quality service.