Mar 6, 2021

Circuit Clinical Accepted into Microsoft Social Entrepreneurship Program

By being accepted in this prestigious program, Circuit Clinical will use the benefits and resources provided by Microsoft to scale their platform, TrialJourney, and provide better help to patients looking for clinical trials.

The Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program supports social impact startups with technology, connections, and grants so startups can focus on bringing their vision to fruition and achieving their goals.

Companies accepted into the Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program generally focus on enterprise technology and offer innovative technical solutions that accelerate digital transformation within their industry. To be accepted into the program, they must include proof for further growth and a strong statement of ethics and strategic alignment with Microsoft. Many of these accepted startups play a part in social entrepreneurship - meaning that they address and provide solutions for social challenges.

Circuit Clinical is in a scale-up phase, with a strong product-market fit in the healthcare industry and a goal of national expansion with an emphasis on diversity. Through a broad-spectrum deployment of their participant experience platform, TrialJourney Enterprise, they plan on increasing access to clinical trials in more diverse communities. Circuit Clinical also received an investment by the WNY Impact Fund supporting their mission to improve diversity, access, and inclusion in clinical trials.

Currently, there is a lack of diversity within clinical trials. Circuit Clinical aims to improve the access gap by bringing clinical trials to participants and creating research sites in health systems that serve diverse populations. An excellent example of this mission is Circuit Clinical’s partnership with Labcorp. Through their partnership, Circuit Clinical works with leadership at Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to develop clinical research programs. At FQHCs, 63% of patients self-identify as racial/ethnic minorities (Health Resources and Services Administration, 2019). Enabling healthcare systems that serve diverse populations to participate in clinical research helps make clinical trials a care option for all.

“This acceptance into Microsoft’s Entrepreneurship Program is not only extremely validating for Circuit Clinical’s mission, but it also opens us up to gain access to Microsoft’s resources and channels," said Irfan Khan, founder, and CEO of Circuit Clinical. "This will play a part in growing our health system network and subsequently improving access to clinical trials in underrepresented populations.”

About Circuit Clinical: Circuit Clinical®, one of the largest integrated research organizations in the USA, is dedicated to empowering patients to choose clinical research as a care option. Circuit Clinical® is committed to transforming the way physicians and their patients find, choose, and participate in clinical research. They deliver clinical research services and an award-winning patient engagement platform,

About the Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program: The Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program supports social impact startups with technology, connections, and expertise so they can focus on bringing their big visions to life and making the world a better place.


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