Jun 28, 2022

Circuit Clinical and Pottstown Medical Specialists (PMSI) Bring Clinical Research to 180K+ Patients Across Greater Northwest Philadelphia Region

Patients from Montgomery, Berks, and Chester Counties will now have access to clinical trials managed by Labcorp

JUNE 28, 2022 - BUFFALO, NY – Following its mission to transform the way patients find, choose, and experience clinical research, Circuit Clinical – one of the nation’s fastest growing research networks – has partnered with Pottstown Medical Specialists, Inc. (PMSI) – a leading primary care and specialty services physician network – to bring clinical research as a care option close to home for over 180,000 residents across the area’s Montgomery, Berks, and Chester county communities. Clinical trial opportunities will be provided by Labcorp, a global life sciences company.

Circuit's commitment to improving patient access, diversity, and experiences in clinical trials through trial recruitment, referral, and enrollment services, together with PMSI’s breadth of primary and specialty care, will bring new care opportunities to patients in these suburban and rural communities through the provider relationships they already trust – positioning the region as a destination for medical research and advancements.

"As PMSI has focused on building a robust primary care division, we are pleased to now bring clinical research into our own backyard to better serve our patients’ needs. The experience of getting your healthcare close to home and at your primary care doctor's office is strengthened by being presented with the opportunity for research participation. Working with Circuit Clinical allows our physicians to provide this new access to care in a trusting environment – where our number one concern will always be our patients' health,” said Dr. Wade Brosius, Medical Director at PMSI.

PMSI and Circuit are committed to reducing the burden on patients who opt in for research participation. Along with localizing patient care in PMSI physicians' offices, Circuit Clinical's approach to transforming the patient journey – including trialjourney.com, an award-winning patient experience platform for finding trials and leaving site ratings & reviews – includes hybrid care options through telemedicine. Hybrid care options can help eliminate traditional care obstacles that have created a burden for patients to participate in clinical research. Furthermore, patient participation in research will serve to benefit both individuals and communities, including offering extra care visits without co-pays, strengthening the patient-provider relationship, and often leading to improved health outcomes through a better and more personal care experience. Participants who qualify for specific study opportunities may also be compensated for their time and travel, which brings another community-wide benefit into the homes of many.

This collaboration was made possible through Labcorp, which provides vital information to help doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and patients make clear and confident decisions. Labcorp helped facilitate the partnership through its own collaboration with Circuit Clinical. Labcorp is also the long-established primary provider of clinical laboratory diagnostics for PMSI.

“This mutual relationship is another way Labcorp is using both its diagnostic and drug development capabilities to enable our customers to get involved in innovative clinical research and expand their provider and patient experience,” said Bill Haas, Senior Vice President of Labcorp Diagnostic’s Northeast Division. “By expanding access to clinical trials for PMSI patients and providers through Circuit Clinical, we are also potentially enabling better clinical outcomes and creating value for all participants.”

"This is an exciting opportunity as we grow our national research network with PMSI and offer research opportunities in concert with our strategic partners – Labcorp and Medidata. Labcorp provides diagnostic and drug development expertise, and Medidata provides turnkey solutions for operationalizing decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). Our combined research capabilities allow entry to research and reduce the burden of participation for all, including the physicians conducting the research," stated Irfan Khan, MD, CEO of Circuit Clinical. "PMSI will quickly be provided access to clinical trials and undergo training on platforms that will bring them up to speed on hybrid and DCT. Through embedded staffing, clinical trial opportunities, and training programs, we're making it easier for doctors to provide research as a care option right in their home offices."

About PMSI Comprehensive Healthcare

Pottstown Medical Specialists, Inc. was formed in 1978. For over 40 years, the company has continued to expand its primary care service area and complement that growth with key specialty offices. The specialties currently include pulmonology, sleep medicine, neurology, pain medicine, rheumatology and infusion therapy.  Together, the primary care and specialist providers serve over 180,000 patients as their hometown providers. Providers and locations can be found at pmsiforlife.com.

About Circuit Clinical

Circuit Clinical®, one of the fastest-growing integrated research organizations in the USA, is dedicated to empowering patients to choose clinical research as a care option. Circuit is committed to transforming the experience for physicians and their patients of finding, choosing, and participating in clinical research. The company delivers clinical research services and an award-winning patient engagement platform, trialjourney.com. Learn more at circuitclinical.com and follow along for updates and announcements on LinkedIn.

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