We're making sure history doesn't repeat itself.

Bringing research to the places where people already receive their healthcare.

Despite many efforts across the industry to increase the overall representation of women, elderly, racial and ethnic minorities, as well as geographic and socio-economically underrepresented groups in clinical research, we still have a long way to go to achieve better health outcomes for all. At Circuit Clinical, our existence and partnerships with community-based healthcare practices and systems allow for improved access and inclusion in research. In addition, our network of Principal Investigators who can provide remote visits will enable patients who cannot travel to participate in research wherever they are in the United States.

Circuit exists so that the challenges we have historically experienced in healthcare and clinical research improve over time.

Those challenges will remain a problem for the clinical research industry unless we begin to rethink how we provide access to clinical research. Please read our blog to learn more about the historical challenges of clinical research representation.

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