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The Remote Site Network is built to support decentralized clinical trial models and comprises PIs and experienced research staff with coverage across the entire United States. This flexibility allows sponsors to provide greater access and inclusion to patients, meeting them where they are.

Remote Site Network

The Remote Site Network, part of our Community Research Network, is a national network of clinical trial investigators and experienced research staff, who are equipped to deliver on decentralized clinical trials. This flexibility allows sponsors to provide greater access and inclusion to patients, meeting them where they are.

Blue Map of US Coverage
50States covered
45+Principal Investigators
4-6 weeksOnboarding timeline average

Key Trial Attributes for the Remote Site Network

  • Intervention: Observational/RWE
  • Disease state: Well characterized
  • Approval stage: Supplemental filling
  • Few tele-visits and home health visits
  • Short study duration
  • Established registry

Example studies

Oncology | Screening Protocol
Active—Universal screening protocol with buccal swab for multiple oncology indications

Cardio-Metabolic | Screening Protocol
Start-up—Universal screening protocol for diabetes, obesity, cardiometabolic disorders

Remote Site Network


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Flexible fully remote or hybrid capabilities to meet patients where they are

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Collaboration with our clients and agnostic to home health providers and technology platforms

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Expediated trial activation and flexible modeling to fit protocol design

Remote Site Network


I am very excited to be working with the team at Circuit Clinical. Clinical research has added a new dimension to my medical practice…

I am inspired by this field of medicine, and I feel very fortunate to be working with a cohesive team.

- Dr. Marc Lewandoski
Remote Site Network
Principal Investigator
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Featured Case Study

Ongoing Type 1 Diabetes Registry Achieving Success

The Remote Site Network is building a patient registry for an ongoing randomized controlled trial to demonstrate the efficacy of an investigational product compared to multiple daily injections for treatment of Type 1 diabetes.

223Patients screened to-date
122Patients randomized to-date
98Patients screen failed to-date
Diabetes Monitor

Featured Case Study

Smoking Cessation Observational Study

An observational study consisting of three telehealth visits spanning over 30 states with 19 remote Principal Investigators. The first visit reviewed study requirements, confirm patient ID, and push ICF to patient via platform. The second visit reviewed eligibility, notify patient of study group assignment, and push questionnaire to patient. The final visit collected adverse event information as necessary.

624Patients screened
303Patients randomized
90Patients screen failed
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