The Sperm Motility Study

Participate in a short study aimed at testing a new at-home fertility test kit.

Make a difference for men everywhere by helping our team evaluate the accuracy of a new at-home test kit for male infertility. Local males willing and able to provide an on-site semen sample may be eligible to participate. Contact our team for more details.


Help Advance Men's Fertility

Learn more about the Sperm Motiliy Study at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

Please fill out all information below. A research expert will reach out to ask you some questions and answer any questions you may have.

Qualified Participants Must:

  • Be male, 18 years or older
  • Have not had a vasectomy
  • Have not been diagnosed with azoospermia (no sperm)
  • Be able to provide a semen sample on-site
Additional criteria apply.

Qualified Participants May:

  • See our study team at no cost
  • Receive compensation for time and travel
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Should you participate in clinical research?

There are various reasons to participate in clinical research, all aimed towards improving healthcare for everyone. Some people join trials to help foster medical discoveries and drive healthcare advancement. Others participate to find alternative care options for their own diagnosis. Regardless of the reason, we make joining a clinical trial safe, easy, and convenient by bringing trials to your physician’s office where you already receive your healthcare.

Both the nurse and research assistant (Kelly and Leandra) were very pleasant and friendly. They explained everything to me thoroughly and helped me at every step of setting up the accounts. It was a good experience and I am comfortable with proceeding in the trial”

– Sarah, clinical trial participant

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Ok, how do I get started?


Choose a trial offered in your practice.

Doctors at your practice have agreed to participate in research and work with Circuit Clinical, an integrated research organization, to do so. The physician you are seeing for your current treatment can help you get started or introduce you to Circuit staff members working in the office that can guide you along the process.


Find out if you qualify

Researchers are exploring specific questions, so each trial has criteria that participants must meet to join the trial. Even if you don't qualify for the trial you find, there may be others right for you, and we can help you look further.


Begin participating

If you do meet the trial criteria, you will be provided details by the trained Circuit research staff on what to expect as a participant in the trial. After reviewing these materials, you can begin participating and the staff will continue to work with you through the duration of the trial.