Jun 9, 2019

Circuit Clinical Announces Partnership with Greater Gift

Greater Gift, a North Carolina based clinical research not for profit has recently announced a partnership with Circuit Clinical, a global Integrated Research Organization. In an effort to raise further awareness and celebrate those who make an impact in clinical research, Circuit Clinical has entered into an agreement that allows for them to celebrate patients who volunteer in clinical trials utilizing Greater Gift’s program.

Greater Gift’s mission is to say Thank You by highlighting the heroic work of clinical trial participants and increase patient engagement in clinical trials. Greater Gift connects participation to global health through a mechanism that gifts a child in need with a potentially life-saving vaccine or meal in honor of every clinical trial volunteer who contributes to clinical research. Circuit Clinical is the first Greater Gift partner to adopt the meal donation program in an effort to connect their research efforts to their local community. Greater Gift implemented the meal program earlier this year and is structured to provide meals to children who receive meals through childhood hunger programs at community food banks in partnership with Feeding America.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Greater Gift. Through this collaboration we’re able to recognize the value and generosity of our patients in a way that makes a meaningful impact,” said Dr. Irfan Khan, CEO of Circuit Clinical.

Traditionally, people who participate in trials have the opportunity to help themselves and others in the future through participation in the investigational development process. Through Greater Gift, research participants now have an additional opportunity to help a child in need immediately through partner organizations. “We are very excited to welcome Circuit Clinical as the first partner to adopt the meal donation program. The alignment of our two entities signifies a growing need to engage patients in their clinical trial experience in a much more meaningful way, connecting their participation to their own community”, says Amanda Wright, Executive Director of Greater Gift.

The program will kick-off within Circuit Clinical network sites in August 2019.

About Circuit Clinical™

Circuit Clinical, one of the largest integrated research organizations [IRO] in the US, is dedicated to empowering patients choosing clinical research as a care option. Born from the experiences of a physician conducting clinical research in his private practice, Circuit Clinical and its team are committed to transforming physician and participant engagement by helping patients participating in clinical trials with turnkey clinical research services and its patient platform.