Apr 4, 2019

Circuit Clinical Adds Personalized Medicine Thought Leader, Dr. Andrew Brooks, to its Board of Directors

Clinical Circuit is proud to announce the addition of Andrew Brooks, Ph.D. to the Empirican Group Inc. Board of Directors. “Adding Dr. Brooks’ proven expertise in personalized medicine and biospecimens greatly advances Circuit Clinical’s long-term goal of building a holistic, living data-set from electronic medical records, genomics, and ongoing patient feedback,” stated Dr. Irfan Khan, CEO of Circuit Clinical. “Ultimately, Circuit Clinical’s vision is to empower medicines companies in their mission of drug discovery by providing better, deeper information.”

Circuit Clinical is an integrated research organization in New York that has built a network of healthcare organizations interested in bringing clinical research opportunities to their patients. It currently conducts clinical trials and biospecimen collections across a network of 1 million patients.

“Circuit Clinical is uniquely poised to conduct a rich, disease-targeted collection of biosamples and link these to the donor’s de-identified health information, which will be a critical addition to personalized medicine and big data techniques in drug discovery,” said Dr. Brooks.

Dr. Brooks is the Chief Operating Officer of RUCDR Infinite Biologics (RUCDR) at Rutgers University, the world’s largest academic biorepository managing critical biological resources for clients such as The National Institute of Health, as well as leading academic researchers and major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. He is a Professor of Genetics at Rutgers University and a member of the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey. He is trained in molecular neuroscience and gene therapy and is widely recognized as a thought leader in the field of personalized medicine.

Dr. Brooks has deep experience advising leading US and global institutions and government agencies on health policy. He has served key roles both in scientific leadership positions and on numerous boards for several global biorepository and precision medicine programs in Europe, Qatar, and Australia.

About Circuit Clinical

Circuit Clinical is an Integrated Research Organization, dedicated to empowering patients choosing clinical research as a care option and transforming the experience of finding and participating in clinical trials.