Jun 24, 2021

Circuit Clinical Unveils a New Addition to Their Product Platform, the DCT Investigator Network

BUFFALO, NY -- June 24, 2021

Circuit Clinical, an integrated research organization focused on bringing clinical trials as a care option to diverse populations, just recently launched its newest service to provide clinical research opportunities to physicians across the country. The product, named the “DCT Investigator Network” invites physicians to participate in fully virtual clinical trials from any time, anywhere. 

“With telehealth adoption on the rise, there is a tremendous opportunity to become an investigator for virtual clinical trials. Our DCT Investigator Network offers the training, turn-key back office support, and continuous professional development education to get started,” said Irfan Khan, Founder, and CEO of Circuit Clinical. “This could transform how decentralized clinical trials (DCT) are conducted, setting the standard for the clinical research industry.”

Currently, their DCT Investigator Network has spanned to over 40 states with a steadily increasing number of experienced physicians joining in. Physicians who join the DCT Investigator Network gain the benefit of conducting clinical trials without the hassle. Circuit Clinical provides a team of dedicated medical, legal, and regulatory staff to take care of the backend work for physicians, allowing them to focus on giving patients the best care possible.

"Almost every aspect of medical care and biomedical science is being virtualized, and decentralized clinical trials are no exception. They deliver accelerated sponsor value, a better, more equitable patient experience and an additional revenue stream for community-based doctors that minimally disrupts their workflow using advanced information and communications technologies," said Dr. Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE). 

The goal of the DCT Investigator Network is to make it easy to get started in virtual clinical trials. With this network, physicians can provide clinical trials as a care option with more flexibility and with the support of a team that has been doing clinical trials for years. Benefits of joining the network include additional revenue through clinical trials and driving the discovery of new medicines.

“We’re thrilled with the progress we’ve seen so far with the DCT Investigator Network. By enabling our physicians to conduct clinical trials, we are one step closer to transforming the clinical trials landscape to be better for patients, researchers, and doctors,” said Irfan. 

** To learn more about the DCT Investigator Network, check out the website www.futureoftrials.com.**

About Circuit Clinical

Circuit Clinical®, one of the largest integrated research organizations in the USA, is dedicated to empowering patients to choose clinical research as a care option. Circuit Clinical® is committed to transforming the way physicians and their patients find, conduct, and participate in clinical research. They deliver clinical research services and an award-winning patient engagement platform,  trialjourney.com.

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