Mar 17, 2023

Our Conducting Care Initiatives of 2023

A circuit is composed of individual components connected by conductive wires or traces through which a current can flow. The primary role of a circuit is to conduct—to generate energy that fuels modern marvels.

It is this idea that sparked our initiative, Conducting Care. Conducting Care is a part of Circuit that engages in philanthropy, community outreach, volunteerism, and acts of kindness, both locally and abroad. While we are compelled by our mission of transforming the experience of finding, choosing, and participating in research, we also recognize that as a company it is part of our ethos to do right by our communities. 

Our team is made up of individuals who have an optimistic mindset, a hunger to go above and beyond, the humility to help and see the potential in those around them, and the smartness to make it all happen, from all across the country. These traits extend beyond work and into our everyday lives; it is because of these traits that we strive to improve the lives of others even when we are not in a clinical office.

Circuit Clinical is committed to conducting care through acts of kindness, philanthropic endeavors, and programs intended to improve the lives of communities, both locally and abroad. 

Follow along with our team as each quarter this year, we’ll be focused on highlighting our core Team Pillars: Happy, Hungry, Humble, and Smart in initiatives, both large and small, designed to positively impact ourselves and those around us. 

Our next project will be centered around the International Day of Happiness on March 20th, where we are highlighting Happy! We're a team of optimists; to tackle the tough challenges we are trying to solve, we must focus on the bright side–remaining positive, especially when faced with adversity. This spring, we are encouraging our team to get outside and spread some happiness by planting flower seeds or cleaning up our local community all throughout the rest of March and up until Earth Day on April, 22nd!

When you conduct care, you generate goodness, spread equity, and share in kindness.