About Circuit ClinicalTM

Circuit Clinical was born from the experiences of a physician conducting clinical research in his busy private practice. From the core belief that patients prefer to learn about clinical research from healthcare providers they trust, came the vision for Circuit Clinical

Since 2015 we've built one of the largest Integrated Research Organizations [IRO] in the US. Our focus on physician and participant engagement gives us a distinct advantage with identification of motivated participants through direct HIPAA/FDA-compliant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) review. Coupled with our technology products that enhance the participant and physician experience, Circuit Clinical provides our network of more than 1 million patients, our physicians, and our sponsor partners a new path forward in clinical research.

Our Growth


  • TrialScout Launches

  • The BioLibrary Launches


  • Circuit Clincal Day in City of Buffalo

  • Moved Into New Office

  • Current eConsent/eSource Platform Developed

  • NYS Center For Advanced Tech Grant

  • First Two Accountable Care Organizations Signed

    Added 1 Million Patients Within The Network


  • Buffalo Insititute for Genomics and Data Analytics Grant

  • Network Growth To 500K Patients

  • 43 North Semi-finalist


  • First Clinical Trial Awarded

  • First Physician Practice Enrolled

  • Circuit ClinicalTM Founded